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The Evolution of Ick….

Antibacterial is an adjective that simply cannot describe life. Perhaps yet another attempt by humans to exert control over nature. Soaps sprays and suds all seek to destroy the countless unseen parasites that lurk on every surface, just waiting for the chance to destroy our frail human figures. Lotions drugs and vaccines for infections of which we were never aware.

Muscles unused atrophy. Brains without stimulation dull. Why then would such logic cease to apply to the human immune system? The short answer is that it doesn’t. A child only gets chicken pox once. The immune system fights off the vast majority of infiltrators, of which most we are probably not even aware. In doing so our defenses gain strength and build up immunity.

Today is unthinkable that we would not undertake the simple task of washing our hands after going to the bathroom. However, for much of human history such sanitation was simply unheard of or unknown.

Something just occurred to me. Supposing evolution is inevitable, wouldn’t it be preferable that we, humans, evolve in the direction of immunity to the existing viruses, rather than the obverse? Attempts to speed the healing process in one form or another have forced the viruses to adapt to our methods. Superbugs and antibiotic resistant infections have appeared in response to the prescription of such substances to treat common illnesses.

Perhaps we should simply tolerate the minor illnesses we encounter, understanding that though they are an inconvenience, they do in fact serve a purpose. When we feel ill perhaps we should heed the signals our body sends, and take the necessary rest. The downfall to this approach is that it will not appreciate the stock you hold in Apotex.

  1. Korman
    January 17, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    I agree with your point on bacteria killing gels and wipes being overkill and our society having an unhealthy fixation on sanitation. There is something to be said about allowing an immune system to be exposed to “the elements” and letting evolution take it’s course.

    However we shouldn’t discount how far we have come in speeding up the healing process or creating drugs to fight various illnesses. We could have evolved out of polio but it would have been a bitch of a time for humanity for the next 5000+ years. That being said the crutch and wheelchair industries would have made a killing.

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