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Top 5 Reasons why 9/11 couldn’t be a “Terrorist Attack”

I have done quite a bit of reading and video watching about 9/11.  There are far more thorough accounts of the attacks and lots of reasons that people cite to support the idea that the attacks weren’t perpetrated by men armed with box cutters.  Yet despite all of this, there are still people who do not seem able to wrap their head around this idea.

Certainly the implications of believing that the 9/11 attacks were perpetuated by members of the US government is a frightening proposition–it challenges the very foundations of our belief in government.

I decided to write this post, not for the initiated, but for the lay person–the skeptics.  I intend to set forth 5 simple reasons for why the official account of the collapse of the towers cannot accurate.  5 ideas, that if thought about logically and rationally without any particular scientific knowledge, with cast an indisputable shadow of doubt on the official story.

TOP 5 REASONS (in no particular order):

1.  SPEED OF COLLAPSE:  Imagine standing atop of one of the twin towers and dropping a billiard ball over the side.  The approximate time that it would take for the ball to hit the ground is 8-10 seconds. The towers, standing 110 stories tall, collapsed in 8-10 seconds.  Therefore they collapsed at free-fall speed, something that would be impossible if one is to believe that the weight of the top floors collapsed onto the floors below and crushed them.  Any resistance offered by the floors below would have slowed the collapse.  This repeated 75 or 80 times over would have meant that the time of collapse for the towers might be closer to 40 seconds, not 10.

2.  POP CAN STOMP THOUGHT EXPERIMENT:  Most of us have likely used the heel of our foot to stomp a pop can flat to make them all fit into our recycling bin (or just to feel like a big man from time to time).  If you have done this, or seen it done, you might have also witnessed a time when the pop can wasn’t stomped on squarely enough and so shot out from beneath the foot, half crushed.  Perhaps you have been inundated with cans and thought to speed up the process by doubling the cans one atop the other and crushing two stacked cans in a single stomp. If you have attempted this you probably have realised, as I have, that to do so is extraordinarily difficult.  One can inevitably slides off to the side, squirts out, or otherwise deviates from the linear path of force, resulting in failure.

Think now about the theory that a top section of 30 floors acted as a weight crushing the floors beneath it.  Compare it with the idea of stepping on a stack of cans that was 75 cans high.  What are the chances that you would be able to crush that entire stack straight down onto its own footprint, not once but twice in two attempts?

Notice in this picture that the aforementioned top section of floors that was said to have crushed those beneath it already has a noticeable tilt to it.  It has not yet begun to crush the floors below, yet it appears to be quite off centre.  Shouldn’t it have then eventually slide off the stack of floors beneath it and tumbled onto the streets below?

3.  GROUND ZERO:  Let’s assume that the official story about the top portion of the building crushing the floors beneath is correct.  With no prior knowledge of the event, what would you predict you would see at the bottom of the building?  Take a moment and visualise it.  Would it be a fair assumption to think that there would be a stack of concrete floors?  Shouldn’t there be something remaining of those top floors that acted as the “hammer” to collapse the floors below?

What was left? Was there a stack of floors that had been pancaked down into the ground?  Certainly two buildings worth of concrete and steel (220 combined floors) would make a HUGE pile of rubble, wouldn’t it?  How high a pile of rubble does 110 floors worth of building create?

I can’t say for certain when these photos were taken.  Not the day of the collapse (as there are cranes in the shot) but not long after either (the remains are still smoldering….but that’s a whole different question)

4.  DUST:  The amount of dust that was created on 9/11 was reportedly seen by NASA.  Where did all of this dust come from?  How could the pancaking of floors upon on another create so much dust?

Just look at the photos.  Ask yourself if this is what you would predict?  What explains the amount of dust in the air, not to mention the showering action of the buildings?

5. TIME LINE:  The time line of the collapse raises some interesting questions about the nature of the collapse.  Here are the key points as it pertains to this argument according to Wikipedia:
– 8:46am: Plane hits Tower 1 (North)
– 9:03am: Plane hits Tower 2 (South)
– 9:58am: Tower 2 (South) collapses–total time of fire prior to weakening steel causing collapse: 55 minutes
– 10:28am: Tower 1 (North) collapses–total time of fire prior to weakening steel causing collapse: 94 minutes or 1h34m

Why is it that if jet fuel was said to have caused the collapse of the towers did the first tower to be hit collapse after the second tower?

There are a plethora of sources to give you a better sense of the events and the arguments.  Among the best full length films to check out are LOOSE CHANGE and ZEITGEIST.  The first is probably the best single film that touches the greatest number of arguments in the most coherent way.  The latter is a more wide-sweeping look at the world around us and suggests an alternate theory to explain how the collapse of the towers might play into a bigger picture.
If you’re at all interested in seeing real footage from the day of the event through the eyes of the firefighters who knew the buildings well, check out a documentary about a rookie fire fighter who found himself responding to this tragedy.  It is called 9/11, and wasn’t intended to be about this at all.

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